Read all sections below carefully. You will be asked to verify as part of the  process that you have understood all the policies and regulations below.

Deadline to Register: October 19, 2019

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  • The time to check in for your exam will be posted on AP® exam times and locations posters which will be located in the main lobby hallway across from the auditorium and the cafeteria.
  • Please be on time. Any test taker who arrives to the test room 15 minutes or more after the reporting time will be unable to take the exam and will not be issued a refund.
  • Most exams take approximately 4 hours. Notify coaches, employers, etc. of your AP® exam dates and times and plan accordingly. No student will be permitted to leave the exam room early or be able to make a phone call during the testing time frame if arrangements have been neglected.
  • Students with extended time will not be able to leave the exam early either. Students with extended time do not have to use all the extended time provided to them, but they must use the regular allotted exam time and cannot leave before the standard time has passed.
  • CELL PHONES, SMARTWATCHES, AND OTHER DIGITAL DEVICES are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the exam room. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the exam and a cancellation of scores. No exceptions to this policy.
  • BACK PACKS are prohibited in the exam room.
  • SNACKS may be brought into the exam room in a clear plastic bag. No snacks or beverages can be consumed during testing – only during breaks, unless a student has a College Board approved accommodation which permits otherwise. There will be an area designated by the proctor in the testing room for you to leave bottled water or a snack.
  • Students must bring the following to the exam:
    • Several number 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils – they can tear the answer sheets)
    • Pens with black or blue ink
    • Erasers
    • Calculator (if applicable – see College Board Security rules for approved types of calculators. Click HERE to view a complete listing of exams and approved calculators. You may bring a back-up calculator. If your calculator does not work and you do not have a back-up, you are not permitted to borrow a back-up calculator from another student.
  • All testing regulations can be found on the College Board website – click HERE
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