APTS is designed BY exam coordinators, FOR exam coordinators. We know what your needs are and we meet them!

Is this system ready to work with the new College Board AP® system rolling out in 2019-2020?
Yes! We have a variety of fee management options ready to roll that have been tried out by schools piloting the new system.

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What does this service cost my school?
Cost for our services is based on the number of exams registrations processed through us. Pricing structure is dependent on how many exams types as well as special needs. Fees vary from $.95 per exam registration to $1.55. Please click on Contact Us to request a detailed quote or email us directly at info@aptsusa.com

Which types of exams registration does your service support?
APTS processes AP® exam, PSAT® exam,  ACT® On Campus, SAT® School Day, ASVAB® exam, PLAN® exam and IB® exam registrations. Our service can also support specialized other exams or resources. Please ask our team of creative thinkers how we can help you and customize the service for you!

What if a student/parent does not want to register for exams via credit or Debit card?
Parents can use credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay to submit payment. Students  and parents can also mail in a check or money order after completing the online process. More than 95% of our registrations are completed with payment on line – parents love the convenience! All students must complete the online process of registration – this provides YOU with the data you need.

Can I set my own deadlines, prices, etc. for my students?
Absolutely! Your school’s profile can include your own school logo or a picture of your choosing so that your students feel comfortable. You also choose the price you charge your students for the exams, when you would like your registration profile to be active, etc. You do not need to change your policies or regulations – how you communicate and share them is just changed a bit! We are happy to coach and support you in determining the best deadlines and registration window based on data we have about what works well!

How soon after the close of registration will I know how many exams to order?
In the new College Board® AP® system you will be tracking order through the student exam activations. So you key question as a school exam administrator will be how many PAID exams you have. And that’s where we come in – helping you reconcile orders and payments. You will have an account allowing you to log in and check exam registration data in REAL TIME at ANY time, 24/7. You will also be able to download reports to provide to teachers during registration, rosters to prepare for test day and more. You’ll have access to this information from the moment that the exam registration begins!

How do you support Exam Fee Reduction applications?
It’s easy to support students who qualify for a reduced price – whether that is due to fee reduction per the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program, local state or district programs, or even school-based scholarships! You will receive from us a fee reduction code (or multiples based on what you request) which will act similar to a gift card code to reduce the price for the student appropriately. For schools choosing our new digital invoice option, the invoice the student receives is customized to their price point and their selected exams.

How does our school receive our exam fees and when?
You will receive a remittance every two weeks with the exam fees collected during that registration period. Included with that remittance are also detailed reports for cross reference. And as coordinator, you can log in any time and verify activity with our real time system.

Do I still need to place my order with College Board® or does APTS do it for me?
This will be the last year Coordinators need to log into the old system and order exams. Changes coming for 2019-2020!

What about exam conflicts? Is there a way to check for those?
Yes – our system automatically checks for conflicts based on the AP® Exam calendar. You will receive from us a list of affected students and exams. Once you decide how to process those conflicts, we will communicate the change to the students and adjust your tallies accordingly. (For example, you may require ALL students who are taking both AP® Seminar and AP® Spanish Language to take the AP® Spanish Language exam on the regular exam date when the language lab is available, and they must all sit for the AP Seminar exam on the late test date. Your orders will then be adjusted so that you order the correct number of AP® Computer Science exams for each exam date!)

What about late testing exams? What do I do with those?
We will actually alert YOU to students who qualify for late testing due to exam conflicts. Our system will check for those. We will provide you with a list and then ask you to instruct us what to communicate to the students regarding which exam they must take during late testing. Students who need to late test and fall under the category of paying the extra College Board® fee – simply refer them to us! We will process it and adjust and add it to your tallies!

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