Families and students enrolled at West Milford Township HS, can submit fees here for the 2020 Advanced Placement (AP®) Exam Administration.

Deposit Deadline: October 17, 2019

Deadlines and New Procedures!

Step 1: Students must JOIN their AP® Class accounts on https://myap.collegeboard.org (regardless of whether or not they will be taking the AP® Exam! This site will provide students with class AND exam preparation resources.) To access the site, create or use a College Board Profile. (Completed in Class in September).

Step 2: To indicate intention and commitment to take an AP® exam in the May 2020 AP® Exam administration, a $40 per exam non-refundable deposit is due by October 17, 2019. Click below to submit the deposit.

Step 3: Starting on November 10, students who committed to an exam by paying the deposit before Oct 17 will receive an invoice for the balance of $22 per exam due via email. Balance due in full by February 14, 2020.

*Exam orders placed after November 15, 2019 require prior AP coordinator approval and incur a $40 per exam late registration fee.


Questions or need assistance? Please email us at info@aptsusa.com