How much are the exams?

The 2020 AP® Exams at West Milford HS have been subsidized. Student contribution per exam is $62, of which a $40 non-refundable deposit is due on October 17. Students will receive an invoice via email for the balance due. Students who qualify for fee reductions should see their counselor for additional funding options. Exam orders placed after November 15, 2019 require prior AP coordinator approval and incur a $40 per exam late registration fee.

What if I can’t log into my College Board profile or can’t remember if I have one?

Don’t create a second account! Each student should have only ONE College Board account during their high school careers which houses AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores and information. For log in help visit: or Students may also call College Board AP® Services for Students: 844-314-3632

Why does my Exam Status on say that I am taking the exam? I do NOT want to take the exam!

Until November 1, all students by default will see the status indicating that they will be taking the AP Exam. Once payment of deposits has been cross-referenced, the system will be updated to reflect accurately your situation and selection.

What if I didn’t receive my invoice for the balance due?

Invoices for the balance due are sent to the PARENT email address provided on the deposit form. Please check your parent’s account, including the SPAM/JUNK folder to make sure it’s not there. If you still cannot locate it, please email to request an exam invoice re-issue.

Where do I get an admission ticket?

Students do not need an admission ticket for AP® exams.  Each student MUST have a CURRENT picture id (school ID or driver’s license).  Without photo ID, you will not be allowed to test.

How do I qualify for a fee reduction?

Students who believe they may be eligible for a fee reduction must speak with their counselor.  Applications for fee reductions may take several days.  Approval for fee reductions will be based on criteria established by the College Board, including that students eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch receive a discount from College Board. In past years, the State of NJ has subsidized an additional fee reduction for these students. If that is the case again this year, those students will receive an automatic refund equal to the amount of the state subsidy IF they sit for the exams.

What should I bring to the exam room?

Several  # 2 pencils, pens with blue or black ink, calculator (if applicable), erasers, ruler (only if you are taking the AP® Physics exam)

What cannot be brought to the exam room?

No cell phones, no smartwatches, electronic devices (other than approved calculators), purses, backpacks, highlighters, books.  No food or drink.

How do I know where to report for my exam?

An AP® exam testing schedule with assigned rooms will be posted on the guidance bulletin boards – one in the guidance office and one on the hallway bulletin board near the restrooms on the first floor.  This will also be emailed to all students registered for AP® exams via your Family Connection account.

When do I need to report to the testing room?

Morning exam:   Report to your period 1 class for attendance, and then report to the testing room location at 7:45am. Testing will begin at 8:00am.
Afternoon exam:  Report to the testing room location at 11:45am. Testing will begin at 12:00pm.

What if I am late?

Students will not be permitted to the testing room late for security reasons.  Late arrivals who are not admitted to the testing rooms are considered “no shows” and are not eligible for refunds or make up exams.

How do I know when the exam is?

The College Board AP® exam calendar is posted on the Calendar on this website.  (Click here.) Counselors also have copies of the exam calendar.

How do I know how long each exam is?

On average exams last 4 and half hours.  Plan accordingly.

What if I have more than one exam scheduled for the same day and same time?

College Board makes provisions for students who wish to register to take two exams that are scheduled at the EXACT same time and date.  Please email immediately to get information on late testing registration and information.

What if I have two exams scheduled on the same day?

You will take the exams back to back (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)

What if I decide not to take an exam? 

Students who submit a deposit for an AP® exam but decide before October 15, 2018 to cancel that exam will receive a refund. After October 15, the deposit will become a non-refundable portion of your exam fees. Students who want to cancel between October 16, 2018 and February 15, 2019 will receive a partial refund (minus the non-refundable deposit). After February 15, students will not be eligible for any refund for cancellations or no-showing to the exam. There will no exchanging or reselling of exams.

To cancel your exam – submit a written request to This email should include your name, student ID number, school you attend, and the name of the exam you wish to cancel.

Failure to submit a cancellation request and failure to submit a balance of fees due by February 15, 2018 will result in automatic cancellation with no possibility of refund.

If I cancel an exam, will I get a refund?

If you follow the above procedures and cancel in writing no later than February 15, 2019, you will get a partial refund of the exam fees. Students who cancel after February 15 or do not show up on the day of the exam are not eligible for any refund.

What if I finish early?  Can I leave early?  Can I leave early because I have sports, work, other commitments?

Under no circumstance will a student be permitted to leave an AP® exam early.  This is per College Board’s security regulations.

What if I get sick and can’t make the exam?

There are provisions for students who become sick or injured during or right before testing.  In case of such an emergency, you must notify Ms. Cosmi-Godau by calling the guidance office at 973-697-1701.  A doctor’s note may be required.

Are there any circumstances that allow for an alternate late testing date?

Per College Board regulations, there are some circumstances that allow for a student to take a late exam on an alternate testing date.  Depending on the circumstance, there may be a late testing fee charged.

The following are permissible late testing reasons with no additional fee:

  • Conflict with state mandated test
  • Emergency:  bomb scare or fire alarm
  • Emergency:  serious injury, illness, or family tragedy
  • Religious holiday/observance
  • School Closing
  • Three or more AP® exams on the same day
  • Two AP® exams on the same day and time
  • Athletic contest/event
  • Academic contest/event

The following are permissible late testing reasons with a $45 late testing fee:

  • Family commitment
  • Ordering error
  • Other school event

Alternate late exams will be given on May 23-25, 2018 as per College Board. For more information regarding alternate late testing, please refer to your AP® student bulletin or

How can I practice for the AP® Exams?

Review released free-response questions at or at to get to know the exam.  Complete released exams are also available for sale at

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