Advanced Placement (AP®) Exam Registration for Santa Fe Christian Schools: Upper School. (San Diego, CA)

Registration for Advanced Placement (AP®) Exams for May 2020

Exam Payment DeadlineLATE Exam Payment DeadlineExam ACTIVATION/JOIN Deadline on MyAP
October 15

October 25October 25

⇒ Exam Ordering Instructions:

Step 1: Submit exam fees no later than October 15, 2019 by clicking the link above.

Step 2: Activate the exam on MyAP by logging in at with your College Board Profile and the Join Code that you will receive when payment has processed in a follow-up ‘Next Steps’ email. Deadline to activate the exam: October 25, 2019

⇒ General Policies and Information:

1.     Exam fees: The cost of each test will be $115.00 through October 15, 2019. A late fee of $10 will be added to the exam fee if submitting payment between October 16 and October 25, 2019.

To submit payment , click on Submit AP® Exam Fees Payment can be submitted online with credit or debit card, or mail in (check or money order.) Directions will be provided for mail in payment on the payment form.

No exam payments will be accepted after October 25. Students are reminded that per SFC policy, they are required to take the AP® Exam for the AP® Course in which they are currently enrolled at SFC.

REVISED CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the extended closure of school, students may choose to not take the AP Exam for May 2020. To cancel and receive a refund of $100 per exam, please email and include your name, name of your school, and the title of the exam to cancel. Submit your cancellation request by April 30, 2020.

2. Exam Activation: Students must activate their exam by logging into the College Board MyAP Site at with their College Board account (more info under FAQs) and link to each of the exams for which they submitted payment by using an Exam Group JOIN Code. Students will also be prompted to complete the online registration screens, which populates their personal data into the barcodes that will be affixed to exam materials on the actual exam day. Students should use their full legal name and an email address that is frequently checked to enable receipt of important alerts from APTS and The College Board.

Students will receive their Join Codes for the exam activation via email when the payment has successfully processed.

Failure to complete the exam activation on the College Board MyAP site by October 25 means that the school AP Coordinator cannot complete the exam order submission and no exam will be ordered.

3. Exams administration will largely take place off campus. Most exams are at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Specific locations and information will be posted on the this website under “Where do I report for a Test?” Parking information will be posted on this site as well.

4. Check in for morning exams will be promptly at 7:30am and 12:01pm for afternoon exams. Check in takes approximately 30 minutes Morning exam administration will begin at EXACTLY 8:00am and afternoon exams at 12:30pm. Students who report after exam administration begins will not be admitted and will not have a make-up opportunity.  No exceptions.  Exams will take on average 4 hours.  Please notify your coaches of AP® Test dates and times and plan accordingly.  Students will not be allowed to leave the test early. 

5. Students must bring their school picture ID cards, two #2 pencils, pens, erasers, and calculators (if applicable – see AP® Security Rules for approved types) with fresh batteries to the AP® test room. Without picture ID a student WILL NOT be admitted. CELL PHONES, BACKPACKS, PURSES OR BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN TESTING CENTERS. We recommend those are left at home or in your vehicle.

6. Students must adhere to the Test Site Regulations for the duration of the exam period. Consequences include removal from exam and cancellation of scores. See Test Site Regulations for specific details.

College Board regulations hold that students may not take both the AP® Calculus AB and BC exams in the same calendar year.

7. Illness or emergency? Please contact APTS at 1-855-663-8348 or email at (On exam days messages and emails will be checked starting at 5 a.m. and until 8 p.m.)

For more information such as a schedule of exams offered, and directions, contact

Questions or need assistance? Contact 1-855-663-8348 or email