Sage Creek LogoHow do I order exams?

Click on AP Exam Registration and complete the online form. You can submit payment either online OR mail-in a check or money order. Instructions are included on the form based on the payment option that you choose. ALL students must complete the online order form.

What if I qualify for Free-Reduced Lunch or other Fee Reductions?

Fee reductions are available but must be applied for by February 18 to ensure meeting the registration deadline. Approval may take several days. To apply for a fee reduction, please see Vicki Ruby – Registrar, for forms and instructions. Additional support can be received by emailing us at


You will still need to complete the online form available under “AP Exam Registration.” When prompted, select that “Yes, You have been approved for a Fee Reduction by your AP Coordinator.” Enter the code in the space that is provided. Your total exam fees will be reduced automatically. The balance can then be submitted via credit/debit card or a mail-in check or money order.

Where do I get an admission ticket?

Students do not need admission tickets to enter the AP Exam testing rooms. However, each student does need a CURRENT picture id, such as a school ID or a driver’s license. Without current picture ID students will not be allowed to enter the room.

What may I bring with me to the exam room?

Students may not bring into the exam room any type of backpack or bag, including purses. No study guides or materials are allowed. No cell phones or electronic communication devices are allowed. No iPods or MP3 players are allowed. No highlighters are allowed. Students may not bring bottled water/drinks or food to the testing room. (See Test Site Regulations for more information.) Students MUST bring a current picture ID, pencils, pens in blue or black ink, and a calculator if applicable.

How do I figure out where my exam will be administered?

Information on testing rooms will be  posted under  “Where do I report for a test?” on this site and on the file posted there as of late April.

It is the student/parent responsibility to plan for and arrive on time for check in and exam start times.

When do I need to report to the testing room?

For morning exams, students need to report to the testing room at 7:30 am. For afternoon exams students need to report to the testing room beginning at 11:45 am and no later than 12:00 pm. Students must be on time for check in since there is identification information that must be completed before testing can begin. Testing for morning exams will begin at 8 am and testing for afternoon exams will begin at 12:15 pm . Per College Board Regulations, students will not be admitted to the room once the exam has begun. Late arrivals who are not admitted to the room are considered ‘no shows’ and are not eligible for the partial refund or for make-up of the exam.

How do I know when the exam is? How do I know how long the exam is?

Exam calendar is posted on the Calendar on this website. Exams are either Morning (7:30 a.m. check-in) exams or Afternoon (11:45 a.m. check-in) exams. On average, exams last 4.5 hours (this includes approximately 45 minutes of time spent on completing identifying information, etc.) Students should notify coaches, parents, etc. accordingly since no early dismissal is possible from the exam.

Do I need to excuse my absence from school during the exam?

Your school will receive a copy of an attendance roster from the exam so you will automatically be excused for the class periods that are affected by the testing. You are not excused for the entire day. You must follow your school site’s protocol for checking back in when returning to campus (i.e. checking in with Attendance to get a pass.) You are responsible for all school work missed during your absence for AP Exams.

What if I have more than one exam scheduled for the same day and same time? What if I have two exams scheduled on the same day?

College Board makes provisions for students who would like to register to take two exams that are scheduled at the EXACT same time and date. Please email immediately to get information on late testing locations and information. Unfortunately, you would not be eligible for late testing if you are taking two exams back to back (i.e. one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

What if I decide to not take an exam? Can I get a refund?

All exams orders must be pre-paid. If you decide not to take an exam for which you have paid, you must notify us in writing via after February 20 and before April 19, 2019. Include in your email your name, your student ID number, the school you attend, and the title of your exam that you would like to cancel. Students canceling in writing up before midnight April 19, 2019 are eligible for a partial refund. (See Registration Information for more details.) Students who no show for an exam are not eligible for a refund.

What if I finish the exam early? Can I leave early?

Per College Board’s security regulations for exams, students may not leave the test until time is called and all examinees are excused together. If a student leaves without permission, their exam will be collected and submitted separately to College Board. Their score will be cancelled and no refund will be possible. Exams are approximately 4.5 hours. Please be prepared for the duration of the exam.

What if I get sick and can’t make the exam?

There are provisions for students who become sick or injured during or right before testing. In case of such an emergency, please email or call the emergency assistance line at 855-663-8348 . A doctor’s note may be requested.

How do I get my scores?

AP Exam scores will be available as of July via your free College Board student account – for more information, click HERE.

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