Rancho Mirage LogoStudents and Families enrolled at Rancho Mirage High School can submit exam fees here for the 2019 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam administration.

Fee Submission Deadline: February 21, 2019

Read carefully through all the policies and information.

Rancho Mirage HS AP Exam Registration Overview

STEP 1: Students must JOIN their AP Class accounts on https://myap.collegeboard.org (regardless of whether or not they will be taking the AP Exam! This site will provide students with class AND exam preparation resources.) To access the site, create or use a College Board Profile.
STEP 2:To commit to take an AP exam in the May 2019 AP Exam administration indicate your AP exam decision on the College Board website https://myap.collegeboard.org or or before November 8.
STEP 3:Student/parent will receive an electronic invoice via email to submit AP Exam fees. Deadline to submit fees is February 21, 2019.

AP Exam Registration Policies and Details:

1. All students must indicate their AP Exam ‘decision’ on the College Board AP Classroom at http://myap.collegeboard.org on or before November 8, 2018. Students log into the College Board AP Classroom with the College Board Profile – the same profile/account used to retrieve AP scores from past years, PSAT scores in past years, or to register/retrieve SAT scores from past years. Students who have not taken any of these exams will create a NEW account. If students are not certain if they have an account, do NOT create  a possible second account. See the FAQs for assistance. (Students should use an email address to which they will have access beyond high school.)

2. Payment for the Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations must be submitted by February 21, 2019. The cost of each AP exam is $94.

Students who indicated that they will be testing on the College Board AP Classroom will receive an email invoice on or after November 9. The email will have a link where the student can submit exam fees via Apple Pay, or via credit/debit card, or by mailing in a check or money order.

It is possible to make payments towards the invoice balance due. Full balance due must be submitted no later than February 21, 2019.

A 3% online service charge will be added to the exam cost for online payments. Mail in payments do not incur this cost, postmark deadlines do however apply. Mail in payments must be payable to “AP Test Service.

Students who indicated that they want to test before the November 8 decision deadline will be responsible for the exam fees. If they decide to cancel the exam, they must follow the cancellation protocol below, but they will still be responsible and liable for the $40 cancellation fee charge by College Board.

Exams ordered on the College Board AP Classroom between November 9, 2018 and February 21, 2019 will incur an automatic $40 late registration penalty.

3. Exam administration is available only for students currently enrolled at Rancho Mirage High School.

4. Students who choose to cancel their exam and exam fee submission may do so from November 9, 2018 through February 21, 2019. A $40 non-refundable cancellation fee will be retained per exam. No cancellations or refunds are possible after February 21, 2019. To cancel an exam, email cancel@aptestservice.com before midnight PST February 21, 2019 and include the name of your school, the student name, the title of the exam to cancel.

5. Fee reductions sponsored by the College Board and the State of California are available to families who qualify. Please make sure a copy of your approval letter is turned in to Ms. Iparraguirre, Ms. Ballard’s secretary,  before November 8, 2018. The invoice that the student will receive will automatically have the adjusted fees as the balance due.

6. Information regarding testing rooms and locations will be provided through the student’s AP teacher closer to the exam.

7. All students should be checked in for morning exams by 7:30 a.m. Afternoon exam check in will be completed by 11:30 a.m. Students who arrive after the actual exam administration begins will not be admitted. No exceptions. Exams will take approximately four hours. Please notify your sports coaches of AP exam dates and times and plan accordingly. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE AN EXAM ROOM EARLY.

Please contact Kim Ballard (760) 202-6455 or kballard1@psusd.us with questions or concerns.

Technical help or assistance needed with registration, please contact info@aptestservice.com or call 1-855-663-8348.