How do I place an AP exam order?

Step 1: Submit Exam Fee DepositTo indicate intention and commitment to take an AP® exam in the May 2020 AP® Exam administration, a $40 per exam non-refundable deposit is due by October 11, 2019. Click below to submit the deposit.

Step 2: Activate ExamStudents must JOIN their AP® Class accounts on the MyAP Site at To access the site, create or use a College Board Profile. To complete the Join Step and activate your exam, you will need a Join Code from your LJHS teacher – Join Codes are subject, teacher and period specific. Many teachers will complete this step in class since ALL Students should take this step, regardless of whether they will be taking the exam or not. Deadline to Join and indicate your decision to take the exam on MyAP is October 25, 2019.

Step 3:  Submit balance due – Starting on November 30, students who committed to an exam by paying the deposit will receive a personalized digital  invoice for the balance of fees due via email. Balance due must be paid in full by February 15, 2020.

⇒ To complete an order for the optional AP® Exams, ALL three steps above MUST be completed. Failure to complete all steps will mean that your AP Coordinator cannot submit the order to College Board. A student who joined the MyAP system and did NOT submit a deposit will have their exam automatically set to ‘Not Testing’ as of October 26.

Failure to submit the balance due will mean that the exam cannot be taken and submitted for scoring. Students with a balance due on February 16 will automatically have their exam orders cancelled in MyAP and will forfeit their non-refundable deposit.

Why do I need to activate an exam on The College Board MyAP System?

Starting in August 2019, College Board has launched a new system that ALL students should join if enrolled in an AP® Course, even if they are not planning on taking the optional exam in May. The MyAP system provides students a variety of excellent, College Board vetted FREE resources to apply to their AP® Course and AP® exam preparation. In addition, students will now JOIN the AP® Group and complete the Registration Profile section on the MyAP website to enable custom printing of AP® exam barcode labels for each student in advance of exam day.

Tips for setting up your College Board Profile on MyAP:

– Use an email address that you will have access to throughout high school AND university

– Make sure to enter your COMPLETE legal name to prevent issues with sending score reports to colleges and universities

– Enter your school Student ID number in the field provided on MyAP. This will assist your school in accurate exam day attendance reporting

I can’t access my College Board Profile account or am not sure I have one. What do I do?

The College Board Profile is the same account used to access your past years’ AP scores, PSAT scores, and SAT scores. Do not create a new one! Each student should have only ONE unique account. If you are unable to access the account, try using the ‘Forget Password?’ link on OR email OR call 888-225-5427 for assistance.

Where do I get the Join Code to complete the join step on the MyAP site?

Join Codes are subject, teacher, and period specific. Please see your AP® teacher ASAP for the code. Many teachers will complete the Join Step in class since all students are encouraged to join the MyAP system for accessing instructional resources. Students who choose to take the optional exam will also indicate their exam decision as YES, and submit exam fees.

What if I miss the October 11 deadline to submit a deposit?

A penalty period for late deposit submission is available October 12 through October 25. Click on ‘Submit a deposit for AP Exams’ below. A penalty fee will be added to the each exam deposit of $15 per exam.

No deposits will be accepted after October 25, therefore no new orders will be initiated.

I haven’t received my invoice for exam fee balance that is due?

Please email for assistance – include in the email your name, name of your school, and your request for your invoice to be reissued. (Note that the invoices are emailed to the parent email address provided on the deposit submission form.)

What if I missed the deadline to indicate YES as my Exam Decision Indicator on the College Board MyAP website?

AP® exams are optional exams, so unless  a student completes the entire registration process, the school would need to assume you have decided not to sit for the AP Exam. If a student does not complete both steps (deposit submission and Joining on MyAP) an exam order cannot be fully initiated.

I’ve decided that I do not want to take the exam in May. What do I do?

A full refund is possible if a student decides to cancel before October 25, 2019. From October 26, 2019 and through April 30 students will be able to receive a partial refund (minus the non-refundable deposit.) See the Information page for instructions on how to request a cancellation. Students who do not submit their individual balance due by February 15, 2020 will not be able to sit for their exams and their exam automatically cancelled and they will forfeit the non-refundable deposit of $40 per exam to cover the cost of the unused exam. Students who decide after February 16 that they do not want to take the exam will be counted as a No Show and will also forfeit their non-refundable deposit.

Can I change when I take the exam? 

Exam times are set by The College Board.  Note that AP® Exams must be taken only at the times established by The College Board. Click here for the 2020 National Exam Calendar.

Is there financial aid available for the 2020 AP® exams?

Fee reductions are available to students who qualify based on College Board and Federal Free-Reduced Lunch Program guidelines. To verify whether or not you are eligible for fee reduction, please see Ms. Salehi in Counseling. If you are eligible, you will receive special instructions to register via the online system using a fee reduction code. This code will reduce your deposit amount due appropriately. The deadline to obtain a fee reduction code is October 9 by 3 PM. You must then complete the exam payment form for your AP® exam(s) with APTS by the October 11 deadline and complete the activation step.

What if I have two AP® exams at the exact date and time?

College Board makes provisions for students who would like to register to take two exams that are scheduled at the EXACT date and time. Please see Ms. Salehi in the Counseling Office immediately to get information on late testing locations and information. You will not be assessed a $45 late fee for exams offered at the exact date and time. Students who have exams back to back (one in the morning and one in the afternoon on the same date) are NOT eligible for late testing.

What if I get sick and can’t make the exam?

There are provisions for students who become sick or injured during or right before testing. In case of such an emergency, please contact your AP® Coordinator at your school IMMEDIATELY.  A doctor’s note will be required. IMMEDIATE contact – if ill on the day of the scheduled exam –  is crucial due to the deadlines involved in ordering make up materials.


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