Welcome to Freedom High School AP® Exam Registration.

Deadline: October 30, 2019*

Exam Fee: $75 per exam

NEW Registration Deadlines and Steps:

Step 1: Activate ExamStudents log into their AP® Exam Groups on the MyAP Site at https://myap.collegeboard.org to join the online AP® Exam group. (See FAQs for more information and details.) Deadline to join is October 30, 2019.*

Step 2: Fee Submission –  Click on Submit AP® Exam Payment and complete the online payment form to submit fees. All students complete the online payment form, regardless of method of payment. Deadline is October 30, 2019.*

Please make sure that you read through all of the Freedom High School conditions listed below regarding the Freedom High School AP® exam administration  for 2019-2020 (You will be required to attest to understanding these policies and conditions before completing registration):

I, the parent of a Freedom High School student, understand that taking an Advanced Placement® exam is completely voluntary and the following conditions apply:

  • My child’s enrollment and participation in the AP® course does not ensure he/she will pass the exam.
  • All students wishing to sit for an AP® Exam during this academic year must complete BOTH step 1 and 2 above to have an active exam order by October 30, 2019*. Payment can be submitted online using a debit/credit card OR by mailing in of a check or money order. Instructions are provided on the online payment form. (To submit payment with a check or money order select “mail in” as your payment option at the end of the form.) No payments are accepted on the Freedom HS Campus.
  • Not all universities accept AP® credit (please consult with the universities to which your child is applying for their specific policies in AP® credit).
  • Any AP® exam ordered after October 30, 2019, will include a late fee of $40.00 per exam*. Last day to submit a late order will be November 10, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. No new orders will be accepted after November 13, 2019.
  • Students who believe that they may qualify for a fee reduction, please contact Mr. Hawley to apply and for further information. If approved, the price will be reduced to $10 per exam. Students who are approved for this reduction will receive a Fee Reduction Code to apply to the online payment form. Application for fee reduction should be made BEFORE completing the online payment form and BEFORE the registration deadline.
  • Cancellations/Refunds: Please make your exam decision and selection carefully. There will be no cancellations or refunds.
  • If your child misses an AP® test for any reason, other than a medical emergency where a doctor’s note must be provided, and would like to take an alternate exam, there will be a cost of $80.00 to cover the cost of the alternate exam.  Alternate AP® Tests cannot be ordered after May 15th. Please contact Mr. Hawley regarding alternate testing.

* Students enrolled in AP Macroeconomics or AP United States Government and Politics that COMMENCE in the Spring Semester may submit exam fees in the fall but are not required to do so. Students enrolled in these courses, and ONLY these students, will be able to activate exams and submit fees without penalty between January 6, 2020 and February 28, 2020.

For technical questions or assistance with registration, please contact info@aptsusa.com or call 1-855-663-8348.