Students enrolled at White Station High School can register here for the 2020 Advanced Placement (AP®) Exams.

The AP® Exams registration information and policies are posted below. Please read through this information carefully.

Deposit Submission Deadline: October 1 2019


STEP 1: Activate your AP Exam on MyAP – All students will log into their College Board profiles via the new College Board MyAP system at and JOIN the online equivalent for the AP® Courses with a Join Code (Access Code.) (See FAQs for more details.)

Join Codes will be distributed in class by White Stations HS AP® teachers the first week of September. Join Codes are subject and teacher specific. (Students taking more than one AP® Course/Exam will repeat the step as needed.)

Once joined, students  will be prompted to complete the online MyAP Registration Profile.

Deadline to Activate your exam is September 6, 2019.

STEP 2: Submit exam fees – Exam fees are $96 per exam ($144 per Capstone Exam) and will be submitted in two phases:

a) All students with an active exam on MyAP by September 6, 2019 will receive by September 15, 2019 a digital invoice via via email for a $40 non-refundable deposit PER Exam.

Deadline to submit the $40 non-refundable deposit is October 1, 2019. (See FAQs for more details.)

⇒BOTH the exam activation and deposit submission must be completed by October 1, 2019 for the exam order to be initiated with the College Board.

b) An invoice for the balance due of fees will be issued on December 1, 2019. Full balance paid in full due by February 1, 2020.


  1. The cost per exam is $96 (AP® Seminar and AP® Research are $144.)
  2. Per State and Local policy,  if the student does not take the AP® exam that corresponds to the course in which they are enrolled, the 5 additional percentage points added to each quarter grade and each semester exam will be removed. The quality points will be removed from your GPA.
  3. Students not enrolled in an AP® course are not permitted to take the AP® exam unless they have gotten prior permission from Mrs. Holland.
  4. Deposits and Balance Due Payment for exams may be done via credit or debit card, which will be assessed a small online service fee, OR by mailing in a check or money order. Directions for payments may be found on the personalized digital invoice that will be emailed out to the student’s email address connected on their College Board profile. Postmark deadlines apply for mail in payments.
  5. Fee waivers are possible for qualified students. If you feel you may qualify for a fee waiver, see Mrs. Fleming ASAP. Approval for fee reduction will be based on criteria established by the College Board. Once approved, your digital invoice balance due will be adjusted as needed.
  6. Please see the FAQs page regarding appropriate items to bring to the exam. Reminder to review the AP Exam Test Site Security Regulations linked below.
  7. If you have two exams scheduled for the exact same time and date, please see Mrs. Fleming so that we can order one of the exams for the late testing (make-up) window.
  8. College Board is extremely strict regarding qualifying for rescheduling an AP® exam to the Late Testing (make-up) window. Approved reasons: extreme illness (doctor certification), bereavement, court appearance, conflict with another AP® exam, or school sponsored sport or academic event. AP® Late fees are $40 per test.
  9. More information on the College Board Advanced Placement (AP®) Program can be obtained by logging into your MyAP Account.

For assistance, contact or call 1-855-663-84348.