Why not allow an organization with staff experienced in managing and coordinating AP®/PSAT® and IB® exam registration and administration help to take some of the workload off your shoulders?
Created BY test coordinators, FOR test coordinators!

Achievement Point Test Service (APTS) can help you make the experience of exams more student-friendly from the start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our 24-hour customer service, our attention to detail, the turn-key set up process, and the ability to make the experience of collecting exam fees easy and stress-free for your staff, convenient for students and parents. And we have a commitment to keeping the costs of this resource as low as possible for you!

APTS is excited to be part of the College Board AP® Exam Fee Provider Program!

What is our service?

APTS automates the process of fee collection for you! Not only do we hand you a set of tools, we make sure that the details is taken care of FOR you so you can focus on actual planning.

You will be provided with a unique portal page for your school on our site, with a URL address (web link) that you can publish in your materials and on your own school site.  Via this portal page, your students will be able to submit their exam fees online, using our custom designed database.

OR: NEW this year! Students receive a custom invoice in their email inbox and all they have to do is click ‘Pay now!’

The benefits:

  • The hassle of managing and tracking exam fees is not YOURS!
  • With the new College Board AP® ordering system students will not need to go to TWO places to complete the process
  • Students and parents can submit fees online using a credit or debit card
  • No manual entry of registration forms or data
  • Access to a variety of reports for ordering, determining conflicts, providing your site administration with data, and more
  • Customization of your profile to include your school logo or a picture of your choosing, exams that your site offers, pricing that you prefer, etc.
  • No hassling with issues of incomplete registrations, returned checks, sending out reminder emails, remembering to update websites, etc. – We do all that FOR you!

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What makes us different from our competitors?

  • Our EXPERTISE is exams. So we know exactly the needs of a test coordinator.
  • Our service is turn-key, WE do the set up and web site building for you, we also maintain and update it from year to year with the information you provide so your team never has to worry about outdated information.
  • Digital Invoicing: Customized invoices sent to the student’s email inbox based on your submission of data on the AP® ordering site.
  • We are 100% customizable – our service is used for PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT® 10, PSAT® 8-9, ASVAB®, On-Campus ACT® exams, and even ‘fund-raising’ exams hosted internally by schools, such as Practice exams.
  • Customer Service: We have 24-hr customer service, and even have staff in the office over the school breaks to ensure that a parent or student who have a question about registration, payment or deadlines, can receive support immediately. Our competitors do not handle any of the calls or emails.
  • Conflict Checking for AP® Exams: We provide your site with a list of conflicting exams and based on your instructions for WHICH exam will be Late, and APTS contacts the families FOR you, as well as adjust the students’ registrations and your tallies for ease when placing your order with College Board.
  • Follow up with families: these exams are high stakes, so we follow up with families who begin registration and don’t complete or have balances due. Your staff doesn’t need to worry about it. We do the reminders and the legwork for you!
  • Attention to detail and support: our model is not to provide you just with a digital tool, but also to provide you with in-person support. Our goal is to reduce workload for your team, not just change HOW your team works.
  • Our coaching and support of AP® coordinators is also one of our best resources for you – if your coordinator has a question, a concern, an emergency, they get the chance to speak with an exam coordinating expert who can help them find the answer needed. Coordinators receive reminder emails throughout the year regarding deadlines, updates in legislation, and more.
  • And we remain affordable even though our service is more comprehensive!
  • But don’t just believe us, read what others have said about our service:

    • “I was so impressed with the customer service provided by APTS. The support, professionalism, service, ease of accounting and value went beyond expectations.  I was commended by colleagues for our smooth AP® testing this year but I know the accolades belong to Elloise and her team at APTS. Thank you for making me look good.”
      – Marianne, The Bishop’s School
    • “Thank you for taking care of things for my son.  He was so upset to think he would miss his AP® exam. You had the exact direction for him to keep us calm and get him into the test while keeping within the guidelines of AP® Testing regulations.  You know your stuff!”
      – Jill & Erik, Parents

    • “I’d like to let you know, from my perspective, how smoothly everything ran this year with our AP® testing. The new on-line procedures for registration, payments, questions, etc. made my job so much easier. The communication and response time from Elloise Bennett and her team was excellent! Overall, the entire AP® test procedure was well organized, communicated clearly, and executed efficiently. For what ever my two cents are worth, this was the most enjoyable month of May and stress free AP® test process I’ve ever experienced.”
      Terese, La Costa Canyon High School, Carlsbad, CA – Staff
    • “Thank you so much for being “above and beyond” helpful!  It is so refreshing, especially in this day and age when such amazing service and assistance seems to be going extinct!  I really appreciate it!”
      –  Christie, Parent

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