AP® Exam FAQs

Deadline to Register: October 15, 2019 (midnight EST)*

Exam Fees: $80 per exam

How do I place an AP exam order?

Step 1: Submit Exam Fee DepositTo initiate an AP® exam order for the May 2020 AP® Exam administration, a $40 per exam deposit is due by October 15, 2019. Click on the link below to submit the deposit.

Deposit payments can be submitted online or by mailing in a check/money order. A payment option screen at the end of the Exam Deposit Form will allow you to select your method of payment and provide detailed instructions. Postmark deadline for mail in payment is October 9, 2019.

Step 2: Activate Exam – Students must JOIN their AP® Class accounts on the MyAP Site at https://myap.collegeboard.org To access the site, create or use a College Board Profile.

College Board profiles are the same accounts used to order SAT exams, or to collect prior year PSAT/NMSQT or AP Exam scores. Do not create a new account if you already have one (see below for tips.)

Students will obtain a Join Code (access code) from their Weiss HS AP® Course teachers. Join Codes for the MyAP Site are subject, teacher and class period specific.

Once the student has joined the online AP Class group, they will be prompted to complete the MyAP Registration Profile pages.

⇒ Both Step 1 and 2 must be completed by October 15, 2019 to activate the exam order.*

Step 3:  Submit balance due – On November 20, students with an active exam order (i.e. they completed Steps 1 and 2 above), will receive a personalized digital invoice via email for the balance of fees due. (Invoices are sent to the parent email address provided on the deposit payment form). Balance due paid in full by February 26, 2020.

Balance due can be submitted online with debit/credit card or Apple Pay, OR via mail in with a check or money order. Detailed instructions are on the invoice.

Exams with a balance due on February 27, 2020 will automatically be cancelled in the MyAP system and the deposit forfeited.

Why do I need to activate an exam on The College Board MyAP System?

Starting in August 2019, College Board has launched a new system that all students join if enrolled in an AP® Course. The MyAP system provides students a variety of excellent, College Board vetted FREE resources to apply to their AP Course and AP® exam preparation. In addition, students will now JOIN the AP ®Group and complete the Registration Profile section on the MyAP website to enable custom printing of AP® exam barcode labels for each student for exam day. No more pre-administration sessions!

Tips for setting up your College Board Profile on MyAP:

– Use an email address that you will have access to throughout high school AND university and that is checked frequently so you don’t miss important alerts.

– Make sure to enter your COMPLETE legal name to prevent issues with sending score reports to colleges and universities

– Make sure to enter your School ID number into the Student Identifier field for accurate attendance reporting to your school.

– Students are able to submit a request via the MyAP Profile for one free score report to be sent to colleges/universities. Navigate to “Score Send” and enter your school’s name before June 15th to qualify for the free score report.

I can’t access my College Board Profile account or am not sure I have one. What do I do?

The College Board Profile is the same account used to access your past years’ AP® scores, PSAT® scores, and SAT® scores. Do not create a new one! Each student should have only ONE unique account. If you are unable to access the account, try using the ‘Forget Password?’ link on http://myap.collegeboard.org OR email apstudents@info.collegeboard.org OR call 888-225-5427 for assistance.

Where do I get the Join Code to complete the join step on the MyAP site?

Join Codes are subject, teacher, and period specific. Please see your AP® teacher ASAP.

What if I miss the October 15 deadline to submit a deposit?

No deposits will be accepted after October 15, therefore no new orders will be initiated after October 15, 2019. Please be diligent about meeting this crucial deadline.

I haven’t received my invoice for the exam fee balance that is due?

Please email info@aptsusa.com for assistance – include in the email your name, name of your school, and your request for your invoice to be reissued. (Note that the invoices are emailed to the parent email address provided on the deposit submission form.)

I missed the February 26 deadline to submit my balance due? What do I do?

Exams with a balance due on February 27, 2020 will automatically be cancelled in the MyAP system and the deposit forfeited. Please be diligent in meeting this crucial deadline.

I dropped my AP® Course and no longer need to or want to take the exam. What do I do?

Students who submitted an exam deposit and initiated an order but dropped their AP® Course, can cancel for a 100% deposit refund through October 15, 2019. To cancel the exam order, please email cancel@aptsusa.com and include the student name, name of the school, and title of the exam to cancel.

Cancellation requests submitted between October 16, 2019 and April 16, 2020 will be eligible for a partial refund (the exam deposit will be retained to cover the cost of the unused exam fee.)

Students who are eligible for the Fee Reduction price, will be charged a $25 cancellation fee if they cancel between October 16, 2019 and April 16, 2020 . This fee is to cover the cost of the unused exam fee.

No refunds/cancellations will be processed after April 16, 2020.

What day is my test?

Please review the National AP Exam Calendar posted HERE.

How can I earn college credit through AP®?

If you take the AP®exam at the end of the Spring semester, you can earn college credit by earning a score of a 3, 4, or 5 or the exam. To determine what score you will need at one school, use the College Board’s website: AP® Credit Search

How do I submit the exam fees?

Deposit and Payment for exams may be done via credit card or debit card, OR by mailing in a check or money order. There will be an online payment fee of 3% for payments submitted by credit or debit card. Directions for payment can be found at the end of the online deposit form and in your e-mail confirmation which will be sent to the email address you provide on the registration form. Postmark deadline to ensure timely mail in deposit processing is October 9, 2019.

Invoices for the balance due will be emailed out to the parent email address provided on the deposit form. Invoices will have the same payment options as above. Postmark deadline for timely submission of your balance due will apply.

Is there fee assistance available?

Fee waivers are possible for qualified students. If you feel you may qualify for a fee waiver, please contact Ms. Tappendorf, Weiss HS AP Coordinator. Once  eligibility has been confirmed, you will be provided with a Fee Reduction Code that you will to apply to the deposit link (below.) The Fee Reduction Code will reduce the cost of your deposit and your applicable balance due.

Note that who are students eligible for the fee reduction price and who decide to cancel their exam after October 15, 2019, will be charged a $25 cancellation fee to cover the cost of the unused exam.

What if I have two AP® exams scheduled for the same date and time?

Students who anticipate a conflict with another AP® exam offered at the same date and time should continue their registration. At the registration point it is subject specific information, not date specific. APTS will provide a report to your school to indicate conflicts and you will be contacted via email regarding your alternate AP® exam date assignment when processed.

How do I receive my scores?

By completing the exam activation process on the MyAP site, you will be issued a unique AP ID number. Scores are usually available in early July by using the AP ID and your College Board log in to retrieve scores at http://apscores.org

Additional assistance needed? Email info@aptsusa.com or call 1-855-663-8348.

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