Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.47.07 AMFamilies and students currently enrolled in St. Peter’s Preparatory School can register here for the 2017-2018 Advanced Placement (AP®) Exam Administration.

Please read all information carefully.


Your son has enrolled in one or more AP® courses.  All Prep students enrolled in AP® classes are required to take the AP® exam for that class in May.

As they have been doing since September, our AP® teachers will continue during the second semester to give their students assignments and assessments that will prepare them to do well on the AP® exam.  The grade your son earns on his report card from his teacher for his AP® course or courses will depend on his performance on this work.

We expect our students to do their best both on their Prep exams and their AP® exams.  Please remind your son that he is expected to be fully engaged in the AP® exam-taking process from beginning to end on exam day for each AP® exam he takes.  Anything less will result in the AP® designation being removed from the final transcript, which is sent to his college of choice.

As part of the commitment and engagement in the AP® exam-taking process, all students must complete an AP® Exam Registration Form (HERE).

Registration will be open from January 2 to January 13. Final deadline to complete the registration form is January 13, 2018.

The fee for each exam is $94.  The AP® Examination fees have been included on your Semester 2 tuition bill. Any family who has difficulty paying this fee should contact Ms. Belkise Dallam at immediately.

No cancellations are allowed.

For assistance or if you have questions, please feel free to contact