Why are there now multiple steps to exam registration?

The College Board has launched the new MyAP system nationwide in August 2019 for May 2020 AP® Exams.The online Exam Group JOIN component will allow College Board to personalize student exam materials for exam day, and eliminate the need for pre-administration sessions.

In addition, by also joining the Class Group, students will be able to access homework and test assignments that include secure questions from the AP® Question Bank. Students will also have access to review materials and resources online and from Smartphones.

My exam is not listed under the list of Exam Join Codes in the “Next Step” Join Code email I received from APTS. What do I do?

Please contact info@aptsusa.com for assistance. Exam Join Codes will not be issued by phone. Please make sure to email from the same email address listed on your exam payment form.

I have not yet received the “Next Steps – Exam Join Code” email from APTS and it’s been more than 24-hrs since my payment processed. What do I do?

The “Next Steps – Exam Join Code” emails are sent to the STUDENT email address on the exam payment form. Please check your junk mail folder in case the email was delivered there. If you still are unable to find the email, please contact info@aptsusa.com for assistance. Exam Join Codes will not be issued by phone. Please make sure to email from the same email address listed on your exam payment form.

What if I can’t log into my College Board profile or can’t remember if I have one?

Students create College Board profiles to access their AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores. You may already have an account if you have taken any of these exams in the past. Don’t create a second account! Each student should have only ONE College Board account during their high school careers which houses AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores and information. For log in help visit: https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help or https://myap.collegeboard.org

Students may also call College Board AP® Services for Students: 1-866-630-9305 or email apstudents@info.collegeboard.org

Which information should I provide on my College Board MyAP Registration Profile?

    • Students should use their legal name (to match school records), so that the name will also match the government or school-issued photo ID at exam check in. College Board also sends scores electronically to colleges/universities. A discrepancy in name can result in score reporting issues and delays.
    • Students should use an email address that they will have access to BEYOND high school.

I missed the November 1 deadline to register for my exam. What do I do?

Students who miss this deadline will be subject to a $40 per exam late fee. The last day to submit an exam payment that includes this late fee is March 1, 2020.

What College and University Credit opportunities are there for these exams?

College and universities AP® Credit Policies can be found on the College Board’s  AP® Credit Search site. To see college credits offered for AP exams at Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland State University and Portland Community College, click here

Can I change when I take the exam? 

Exam dates/times are set by The College Board. Occasionally, situations arise that prevent a student from being able to take their AP® exam on the regularly scheduled day/time. Please speak with your school’s AP® Coordinator. See the AP® Exam Calendar HERE.

What if I have two AP exams on the same day?

Students who would like to register for two exams offered on the same day should complete the deposit form fully and submit payment. The student will be contacted by APTS to alert them which of the two AP Exams they have been assigned to for an alternate date and what the date/time details are. Assignments will be made based on numbers and space/proctor availability. Please see your high school AP® Coordinator to get information on late testing dates. You will not be assessed the $45 fee to take a late exam in this case.

Can I take an exam as a “walk-in” (showing up on exam day to register and sit for an exam)?

Students who have not  registered for an AP® exam by the registration deadline will not be allowed to take an AP® exam.

What if I can’t take the AP® exam on the offered date?

College Board makes provisions for when students are not able to take the AP Exam on its regularly scheduled date/time. In some cases, a $45 fee will be assessed for each exam taken on an alternate date/time. Please see you high school AP® Coordinator for detail.

How long will my AP exam take to complete? Can I leave early?

Per College Board’s security regulations for exams, students may not leave the test until time is called and all examinees are excused together. If a student leaves without permission, their exam will be collected and submitted separately to College Board. Their score will be cancelled and no refund will be possible. Exams are approximately 4 hours. Please be prepared for the duration of the exam. For afternoon exams, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with coaches, families and employers about their AP exam schedule.

Click here for AP Estimated Exam Testing Times by exam

How do I access my scores?

AP Scores will be available online in early July 2020. Students will be emailed  by the College Board (to the email specified on your College Board MyAP Profile) to alert you that your results are ready for access. You will then be able to log into your College Board Profile via http://apscore.org to retrieve your scores.