Families and students NOT enrolled in Portland Public High Schools (Portland, OR), can register here for the 2019 Advanced Placement (AP®) Exam Administration.

There are policy changes in place for 2018-2019. Please review all information carefully and then click on “Order AP® Exams” below to submit an order.

Order deadline for non-students: February 27, 2019

  1. EXAM DATES:  May 6-10 and 13-17, 2019
  • Morning exam: ARRIVE at  7:15 AM; Check-in begins at 7:30 AM
  • Afternoon exam: ARRIVE at 11:15 AM; Check in begins at 11:30 AM

Exams should conclude at approximately 11:45 (morning session) and 4:00 (afternoon session).  Students are not allowed to leave any AP® exam early.

  1. LOCATION: All AP® Exams will take place at the Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Drive 97217, except for AP® Chinese and AP® Japanese exams which will take place at a different PPS location (TBA). Be sure to allow sufficient time to reach the test site before check-in begins.
  2. PARKING: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students:

~ Be dropped off
~ Use TriMet public transit: MAX or Bus (https://trimet.org/)
~ Carpool

  1. Advanced Placement (AP®) Examinations must be paid for and ordered in advance. REGISTRATION FOR MAY 2019 ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP®) EXAMINATIONS RUNS FROM FEBRUARY 20 UNTIL FEBRUARY 27, 2019 (midnight PST).

Cost is $94 per exam; AP® Seminar is $142

  1. All exams must be ordered via the online system regardless of preferred payment method. It is possible to submit payment online with credit or debit cards.To submit an order using a check or money order, please complete the order form online and follow the directions to mail in your order form and payment to the address on your confirmation email. The postmark deadline to ensure timely processing is February 27th.
  2. There are registration limits for each exam, therefore, it is recommended that you complete registration as soon as possible.
  3. You and your parent/guardian will be asked to provide an electronic signature agreeing to two things:a) The student has permission to travel to/from the off-campus testing site(s).
    b)You (the student) will adhere to test security regulations as laid out in the guidelines by PPS on this registration website as well as in the College Board Bulletin for AP® Students and Parents.
  4. NO refunds are possible once exam registration is complete and payment is received.
  5. Students will not be allowed to “walk-in” the day of an exam for which they have not previously registered.
  6. Check-in for morning exams will BEGIN at 7:30 AM. Please arrive at your testing location for a morning exam by 7:15 AM. Afternoon exam check in will begin at 11:30 AM. Exam administration will begin as soon as check in is completed, so students must arrive promptly at the time check-in opens. Students who arrive after the actual exam administration begins will not be admitted. No exceptions. Exams will take approximately four hours. Morning exams should conclude at approximately 11:45 am, afternoon exams should conclude at approximately 4 pm. Students taking the AP® Spanish Language or AP® Music Theory exams may stay later than noon to complete their audio recording. Students are not allowed to leave any AP® exam early. If you play a sport or have a job, it is your responsibility to inform your coach or employer of your AP® exam obligation.
  7. ALL non-PPS STUDENTS REGISTERED FOR AP EXAMS will receive PRE-ADMINISTRATION materials in the mail to be completed and brought with them on their exam day(s).
  8. Please bring the following to your AP® exam: a photo ID, at least 2 sharpened # 2 pencils, erasers, at least 2 pens with black or dark blue ink, and calculators (if applicable, see AP® Security Rules for approved types) with fresh batteries.
  9. Please bring a snack and water/drink in a separate, clear plastic baggie. These items will be placed under your chair and may be accessed at break time only or after the test officially concludes. Water bottles are not allowed on the exam table.
  10. Phones of any kind, smartwatches, wearable technology, laptops, tablet computers, MP3 players, etc. are NOT permitted in the testing room. If you bring any of these items to the AP® test site, you will be asked to turn in them in to AP® staff and they will be returned at the end of your testing. Students found with or using any of these items on them during testing will have these items confiscated and they MAY BE dismissed.
  11. Backpacks/purses: You will NOT have access to these at any time during testing, including at break times.
  12. Students registering for Spanish, Chinese or Japanese language exams will not be allowed to register for another exam offered on the same day as these exams.

Special Note: Per College Board regulations, students may not sit for both the AP® Calculus AB and AP® Calculus BC exams in the same calendar year. Select carefully.

Students and parents will be asked to verify acknowledgement to the following statement on the AP® Registration Form: I acknowledge that I have fully read and understood the AP® exam registration policy, including exam site security. 

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