Information for Morse High School students and parents
2019 AP® Exam Administration


DO NOT BRING:  Cell phones, Smartwatches, MP3 players, other electronic devices, or scratch paper to your AP® test(s). 

College Board prohibits bringing cell phones or any electronic devices into the testing room, having them on your person, or using them during the break.  If a student uses any of these items in the testing room or during the break, they will be confiscated and the student may be dismissed from testing. If a phone rings, vibrates, etc. during the test, it may invalidate EVERYONE’S test in the testing room. Don’t risk it!

EXAM DATES:  May 6-10 and 13-17 (Download calendar here)

  • Morning exam: ARRIVE at  7:15 AM; administration begins PROMPTLY at 7:40 AM
  • Afternoon exam: ARRIVE at 12 PM; administration begins PROMPTLY at 12:20 PM

Exams should conclude at approximately 11:45 (morning session) and 4:00 (afternoon session).  Students must stay until the exam is officially concluded. 

LOCATION:  TBA, Please check the Morse High School website

LUNCH:  If the morning exam does not conclude until after lunch officially ends, the cafeteria will remain open for AP® exam students only. For afternoon exams, students are expected to eat lunch prior to lining up at 12 PM. You may want to bring lunch if you have 2 exams in one day.

ABSENCES:  You are expected to be at all AP® exams for which you have paid your fees. If you miss the exam for College Board approved reasons, you may take a late exam at no additional cost. If the reason for your absence is not on the College Board list of approved reasons, you may take a late exam, but you will be assessed a $45 late test fee. Mr. Wegener will be in contact with you to inform you of your late test date and time.

BEHAVIOR:  Students are expected to continue to exhibit exemplary behavior during the exams. Failure to follow all school and AP® rules during the exam and during the break may result in dismissal from the testing site and invalidation of your exam.


2 zip lock bags with the following items:

Zip Lock Bag 1:

  • Your photo ID
  • Several #2 sharpened pencils with erasers
  • Several black or dark-blue ball point pens for free response
  • Calculators for Calculus AB, BC, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics examinations using the calculator guidelines here. Students may bring 2 calculators, but are not allowed to share calculators during the exam. Make sure your calculator has fresh batteries.
  • Ruler or straightedge ( for the Physics exams only)

Zip Lock Bag 2:

  • Snack, drink


  • Sweater or jacket in case of varying room temperature

Don’t forget to bring a photo ID!

Good luck!

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