Registration Deadline: October 18, 2019

Exam Fee: $110 per exam ($142 for Capstone)


How do I register and pay for the 2020 AP® Exams?

STEP 1: Submit your Deposit – Submit your $40 per exam AP® Exam fee by clicking on the link below. Deadline to submit a deposit and activate the exam registration process for the May 2020 exams is October 18, 2019.

Deposit payment is possible with credit or debit card payments OR mailing in a check/money order.  To mail in payment in the form of check or money order, please complete the order form online and mail a copy of the form to the address provided on the confirmation. Checks should be made payable to “APTS” and be postmarked by October 14, 2019 to ensure timely processing. Instructions will be provided in the summary email.

Step 2: Activate your exam on MyAP – Using your College Board profile log in, visit the new College Board MyAP site at and log in to activate your exam(s). Exam activation will require an Exam Join Code (Access Code) that is subject specific. Deadline to activate your exam is October 18, 2019.

To activate the exam, students will log into the MyAP Site at with their College Board profile accounts (the same account used to order SAT® exams, or to collect PSAT/NMSQT® and AP® exam scores from past years.) Students who do not have an account will create one on the MyAP Site.

All students will complete the AP® Profile and registration pages online on the MyAP site – including personal information. (See below for more details.)

Once logged in, a Join Code (Access Code) will need to be applied to the MyAP Account by clicking on the yellow ‘Add Exam/Class’ button and entering the subject specific Join Code.

          • Because the bulk of MMSD exams are administered at a central location, students will receive a special Exam Join Code via email from APTS upon successful completion of exam fee submission. The Exam Join Codes will be emailed to the student email address provided on the payment form within 24-hrs of payment submission and verification.
          • Students will ALSO receive in class a teacher specific Class Join Code- this teacher-based code provides students with access to course and exam prep materials and should be used by ALL students, even if they do not plan to take the exam.
          • ONLY the Exam Join Code will actually activate an exam order.

NOTE: BOTH payment and exam activation MUST be completed by October 18, 2019 to enable your AP Coordinator to submit the exam order to College Board. Students who do not have both steps completed by October 18 will incur penalty fees. No new exam orders will be possible after February 28, 2020.

Step 3: Submit Balance DueStudents who successfully completed the deposit form and activated their exams by October 18, 2019 will receive in or around November 20 a digital invoice personalized for the exams that they will be taking. This invoice will be sent to the PARENT email address provided on the deposit payment form in October.

Balance of applicable fees due can be submitted online with a credit or debit card, or by mailing in a check or money order.

Balance of applicable fees is due paid in full by February 28, 2020 to be able to sit for the May 2020 exams.

Exams with a balance due outstanding as of March 1, 2020 will be deactivated and the deposit paid will be forfeited to cover the cost of the unused exam materials.

Why are there now multiple steps for registration?

The College Board has launched the new MyAP system nationwide in August 2019 for May 2020 AP® Exams.

The online Exam Group JOIN component will allow College Board to personalize student exam materials for exam day. This will mean no longer having to bubble onto a scantron crucial details like name, ID number and email address. AND it will mean faster and more accurate results to your colleges and universities!

In addition, by also joining the Class Group with a teacher issued Join Code, students will be able to access homework and test assignments from their AP® Teachers that will include secure questions from the College Board AP® Question Bank. Students will also have access to review materials and resources.

ALL students should use the teacher issued Join Code to join the course resources – even if not planning on taking the exam. Only the Exam Join Code, issued when exam fees are successfully submitted, will actually order/activate an exam.

MMSD also understands that not all families will be able to afford an early exam fee commitment, and therefore have set up a process to activate the exam, and enable time for financial planning to finalize the order in February.

My exam is not listed under the list of Exam Join Codes in the “Next Steps” Join Code email I received from APTS. What do I do?

Please contact for assistance. Exam Join Codes will not be issued by phone. Please make sure to email from the same email address listed on your exam payment form.

I have not yet received the “Next Steps – Exam Join Code” email from APTS and it’s been more than 24-hrs since my payment processed. What do I do?

The “Next Steps – Exam Join Code” emails are sent to the STUDENT email address on the exam payment form. Please check your junk mail folder in case the email was delivered there. Only check your parent’s email address in case the parent address was entered for student email address in error. If you still are unable to find the email, please contact for assistance. Exam Join Codes will not be issued by phone. Please make sure to email from the same email address listed on your exam payment form.

What if I can’t log into my College Board profile or can’t remember if I have one?

Students create College Board profiles to access their AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores or to register for a SAT® or SAT® 2 Exam. You may already have an account if you have taken any of these exams in the past.

Don’t create a second account!

Each student should have only ONE College Board account during their high school careers which houses AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores and information. For log in help visit: or

Students may also call College Board AP® Services for Students: 1-866-630-9305.

Which information should I provide on my College Board MyAP Registration Profile?

Students should use their legal name (to match school records), so that the name will also match the student’s School ID or driver’s license at exam check in. College Board also sends scores electronically to colleges/universities. A discrepancy in name can result in score reporting issues and delays. To update a name or correct a name, contact College Board at 1-866-630-9305.

Students should use an email address that they will have access to BEYOND high school and where they can receive alerts from College Board or APTS.

Students should provide a student ID number on the registration profile – this will enable easier attendance reporting to the MMSD attendance offices on exam day as well as enable identification of any errors in student name (for example, nicknames versus legal names.)

College Board does not collect Social Security numbers, so your account is identified as unique based on your email address, School Student ID number, and name. Be consistent in how you enter information!

On the MyAP Profile you can also navigate to the ‘Send Scores’ page – here you can select a college/university to receive a copy of your score report. Deadline to request a free score report is June 15.

Why is there also a teacher issued Join Code?

Students have access to FREE resources provided by College Board through their MyAP account when linked to their teacher-based school AP® course. These instructional resources are independent of exam ordering and are provided to support student readiness and achievement for the course. All students should join using the teacher issued Join Code to enable access to course resources, even if not planning on taking the exam.

Since exam administration is organized in a centralized, off-campus manner in MMSD and not administered on a school campus, students will need to access an Exam Join Code to activate an exam (the teacher-based codes will not enable exam activation, only access to resources.)

Students who want to take the optional exam therefore will end up completing the join step twice – once for order the exam with an Exam Only Join code and once with a teacher based AP® Class Join Code.

I missed the October 18 deadline to submit a deposit for my exam. What do I do?

Students who miss this deadline will be subject to a $40 per exam penalty fee (including students eligible for a discounted exam.) Last day to submit a penalty fee order is February 28, 2020. No exam orders can be initiated or started after February 28, 2020.

I have not received my invoice for the balance due. What do I do?

Please check your parent’s email address inbox (as well as spam/junk folder) for the invoice. If you are still not able to find it, please email to have the invoice re-issued.

I missed the February 28 deadline to pay my balance due for my exam. What do I do?

Exams with an outstanding balance due as of 11:59pm on February 28, 2020 will be cancelled and deactivated. The $40 deposit will be forfeited to cover the cost of the unused exam materials.

Is there financial aid available for the 2020 AP® exams?

Students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch status will enter the Fee Reduction Code JAZ39K in the appropriate field on the online payment form. Fee reduction code usage will be verified by APTS with MMSD. Unapproved code usage will result in cancellation of the exam order until full payment is submitted. Activation of the exam is also required on the MyAP Site.

If you are not sure if you qualify, please see your school site AP® Coordinator.

Who is My School’s AP® Coordinator?

  • East High School:  Kate Brien, 204-1673
  • La Follette High School:  Amy Schwab, 204-3663
  • Memorial High School:  Emily Cochran, 663-6064
  • West High School:  Jabalja Gussine, 204-4129
  • Students attending Capital High School, Shabazz High School or any other MMSD School, or who are homeschooled should contact the MMSD District AP® Coordinator Sarah Wollner at

What if I have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan?

Testing accommodations present on an IEP or 504 are not applied to Advanced Placement® exams. The College Board requires students seeking testing accommodations for AP® exams to apply privately for approval before any accommodations may be granted in May. This year’s deadline for application for approved accommodations is January 17, 2020. Families may apply after this date, but there is no guarantee the College Board will review late applications in time for administration in May. Additional information regarding this application process may be found here. Your school has a College Board designated Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) coordinator who can assist in the application process. Please contact your school’s AP® Coordinator if you are unsure who to speak to regarding the process.

What College and University Credit opportunities are there for these exams?

College and universities AP® Credit Policies can be found on the College Board’s  AP® Credit Search site  – It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the college they plan to attend will accept AP credit and submit scores to their university/college of choice.

If you are planning to attend a University of Wisconsin school, please review the school’s policy for AP credits before registering for your AP® World Language exams.  In some cases, you can receive retroactive credit for high school coursework without having to take an AP® exam.

From the University of Wisconsin’s website:  “In some schools and colleges it is possible to earn retroactive language credits for prior work completed in a foreign language.  Contact the language department to learn more about retroactive credits and to determine which type of credit (AP or retroactive) will best meet your needs.”  To go to the UW site, click here.

What may I bring with me to the exam room?

  • Bring a photo ID to the exam. You will not be admitted without one.
  • Bring pens and pencils.
  • Bring a calculator if the exam requires it.
  • Do NOT bring cell phones or any electronic communication devices. You will be expected to turn all such devices in before testing begins.

Please review the MMSD Exam Day Information as well as full AP® Test Site Regulations.

Do I need to excuse my absence with other teachers during the exam?

The attendance office will receive a copy of an attendance roster from the exam so you will automatically be excused for the class periods that are affected by the testing. You are responsible for all school work missed during your absence for AP® Exams.

Where will my AP® Exam be administered?

Regularly scheduled Advanced Placement® exams for 2020 begin Monday, May 4 and conclude Friday, May 15. With the exception of AP® Chinese and Japanese exams that require the use of a computer lab, all other regularly scheduled AP exams take place at the Alliant Energy Center’s Exhibition Hall at 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way in Madison. Parking is free.

Free bus transportation will be provided from schools to the Alliant Energy Center (and returning) provided that students sign up prior to testing.  Sign up will occur at each high school in the weeks prior to the exams.

More detailed information on locations and schedule of exams will be available on the MMSD Exam Day information page in April.

Students who register for the AP Chinese or Japanese language exams will be notified of their exam location by email in early April.

What time do I need to arrive for my AP exam?

For morning exams, students should check in by 7:30 a.m. Morning exam pre-administration begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. and testing at 8 a.m. Afternoon exam check in  is at 11:30 a.m. Afternoon pre-administration begins promptly at 11:45 a.m. and testing at 12 p.m. (noon.) Students who arrive after the actual exam administration begins will not be admitted. No exceptions. Please notify your sports coaches of AP® exam dates and times and plan accordingly. Location details will be available on this website in March or April.

Click here for AP Estimated Exam Testing Times by Exam

What if I finish the exam early? Can I leave early?

Per College Board’s security regulations for exams, students may not leave the test until time is called and all examinees are excused together. If a student leaves without permission, their exam will be collected and submitted separately to College Board. Their score will be cancelled and no refund will be possible. Exams are approximately 4 hours. Please be prepared for the duration of the exam.

How do I access my scores?

AP Scores will be available online in early July 2020. Students will be emailed  by the College Board (to the email specified on your College Board MyAP Profile) to alert you that your results are ready for access. You will then be able to log into your College Board Profile via to retrieve your scores.

Where can I go for additional information regarding AP® exams?

AP® exam program information is available on the College Board’s general website and also by logging into your MyAP account at  Students are encouraged to review it.