Lakeland Large LogoStudents enrolled in Lakeland Regional High School can register here for the 2019-2020 Advanced Placement (AP®) exam administration.

*** UPDATE Regarding 2020 AP Exams from The College Board:

*** For additional resources and exam preparation tools, log into your MyAP account at
*** More information will be available and will be posted on or around April 3, 2020

Deadline to register: October 14, 2019

The College Board has changed the Advanced Placement (AP®) procedures and policies. Please note these changes below:

Step 1: Activate Exam – Students must log into their AP® Exam Groups on the MyAP Site at to activate their exams and join the online course group. Deadline to activate is October 14, 2019.

Step 2: Fee SubmissionClick on Submit AP® Exam Payment and complete the online payment form to submit fees.

Fee submission will be open between September 20 and October 14, 2019.

General information:

1. The cost per test is $96. Students must register and pay for the test(s) by October 14, 2019. There will be no payments accepted after this date.

2. Payment for exams may be done via credit or debit card, or by mailing in a check or money order.  Directions for payment can be found at the end of the online payment form and in your email confirmation.

3. Students log into the MyAP system using their College Board Profiles – the same profiles created to register for SAT® exams or to have collected PSAT® and AP® exam scores in previous years. If students do not have a profile, they should create one at – make sure to use full legal name and an email address to which the student has frequent access to receive alerts from APTS and College Board regarding exams.

4. Students will receive Join or Access Codes to be able to activate their specific AP® Class/Group on MyAP. Join Codes are subject, teacher and class period specific. Join Codes will be distributed by Lakeland AP® teachers. Deadline to activate your MyAP exam group is October 14, 2019.

5. BOTH exam activation on MyAP using the Join Code AND payment submission at Submit AP® Exam Payment are required by October 14, 2019 to have a successful order that can be submitted to College Board. Failure to complete both steps listed above means that no exam will be ordered.

6. Fee reductions are possible for qualified students.  If you feel you may qualify for a fee reduction, see your counselor or Ms Ross.  Approval for fee reductions will be based on criteria established by the College Board.

7. Special accommodations for students with 504s or IEPs must be applied for and approved by College Board.  Deadline to apply with College Board is January 17, 2020. Check with your case manager or counselor to review your status.  If you do not have approval from College Board, you will not be provided accommodations.

8. Refunds – there are NO refunds given for AP® Tests.

REVISED Refund Policy (March 24, 2020): Students may request a cancellation and receive a refund of $94 per exam by emailing before April 30, 2020. Include in the email the student name, name of the school, title of the exam to cancel

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