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  • Remember, we are guests in someone else’s building, specifically a church. Our conduct and dress need to be above reproach.
  • The HHS administration recognizes the important of AP® exams for students and the need to prepare before an exam or to decompress after an exam. Therefore, we have decided that students who have an AP® exam during the day will NOT have to attend other classes at HHS that day. Students with a morning exam will arrive at the testing site (Grace Evan Church) by 7:30 am and will be allowed to go home at the completion of the exam time. Students with afternoon exams will NOT have to attend morning classes at HHS and will arrive at the testing site by 11:30 am the day of their exam.
  • Please remember that ALL students enrolled in an AP® course are required to take the exam for that course. If a student does not attend the scheduled exam. he/she will be given an unexcused absence for that day and will be required to take ALL of the regular senior exams.
  • Check in for morning exams will begin promptly at 7:30 am. We will have some preliminary forms to complete and EXAMS BEGIN at 8:00 SHARP!
  • Check in for afternoon exams will begin promptly at 11:30 am. We will have some preliminary forms to complete and EXAMS BEGIN at 12:00 SHARP!
  • Testing will take place in the gym and rooms at the rear of the church. Please park in the back of the church and enter the back doors.
  • If students walk across Wolf River Blvd. to the church, they are to use the crosswalks at either entrance to the parking lot. They should not cross at any other location!
  • Students who arrive late, after exam administration begins, will not be admitted and will not have a make-up   There are NO EXCEPTIONS (per College Board policy) and NO REFUNDS!
  • Students must bring the following to the exam:
  • NOT ALLOWED:  cell phones, backpacks, purses, bags, electronic devices (other than calculator), books, food/drink – please leave these at home or in your locker.
  • All students taking AP® exams will be required to attend a pre-registration session in April (to complete necessary demographic information on the exam answer documents.)  Details will be announced.
  • Students who have both a morning and an afternoon AP® exam on the same day should BRING A SACK LUNCH that will be left with the proctor, since they will not have time to leave to get lunch that day.

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