• Per school policy, every student who took an AP® course in the fall of 2017-18 or is currently enrolled in an AP® course, is required to take the national AP® exam scheduled in May (exam schedule). Everyone taking an AP® exam must register and pay online by the stated deadline of February 23,2 018.
  • Online AP® registration is available as of January 16. The registration deadline is February 23, 2018 (11:59pm EST). Late registrations will not be accepted.
  • The following optional exams are available:  AP® English Literature and AP® English Language are available to juniors and seniors, and AP® US History is available to juniors. Students need to review the policies and regulations surrounding the optional exams and certify on the registration form that all policies are understood and will be followed. Read policies HERE.


  • The cost of each AP® exam is $97 ($94 per exam, set by the College Board + $3 to help pay for exam proctors). Click here to order.
  • Students order and provide payment information for AP® Exams under the ‘Order AP® Exams’ link on this website. The site accepts credit card or debits cards OR you can mail in payment. If you are unable to order an exam using a credit card or debit card, complete the online form, select “Mail in Check or Money Order” as your payment option. Mail a copy of your confirmation page along with a check or money order payable to “APTS” to the address provided on your confirmation email. Checks must be postmarked on or before February 17 to ensure timely processing.  A 3% online payment fee will be added to the total of the payment if using a credit card or debit card to submit payment. This fee is to cover the additional charges by third-party credit-card processors. The 3% fee is not collected by Collegiate School and is not charged for check or school account payments.
  • If you have significant financial need you may qualify for exam fee reductions. Exam fee reductions must be approved BEFORE the deadline for registration (February 23). Approval may take several days. To apply for a fee reduction, contact Ms. Jackson in College Counseling for instructions. Students who qualify for a fee reduction will receive a discount code to apply to the online registration form.


  • MANDATORY pre-administration sessions are scheduled for April 6 or 13th (and April 12 for athletes). ALL students are required to select ONE of these sessions on the registration form (in addition to registering for exams online by February 23). No make-up sessions for these mandatory sessions.  Attendance at this pre-administration reduces each AP® Exam timing by approximately 30 minutes. More details about session locations will be emailed to students in late March/early April.


  • Only students who have been previously approved for College Board Special Accommodations may take AP® exams with extended time or other accommodations. You’ll need your SSD number at the time of online registration.  Contact Dr. Hanneman or Mrs. Markiewicz to receive your SSD number if you don’t already have it.


  • During the two week AP® testing period, you will be expected to be in your regular classes when not taking an exam, with the following optional exceptions:
    1) If you are scheduled to take an afternoon exam, you may be excused from morning classes on the day of the exam.
    2) If you are taking two consecutive morning exams, you may be excused from afternoon classes between exams.


  • Students who order an optional exam (AP® English or US History) but decide to cancel with written notification on or before midnight EST, February 23, 2018  will receive a full refund. Written cancellations received after February 23 will be charged a $15 unused exam fee. To request a refund, email with your name, name of your school, and the exam you would like to cancel. No cancellations will be processed after April 30, 2018.


  • If you foresee any scheduling conflicts (due to spring sports, other activities, or family commitments), please do your best to make arrangements to accommodate your required AP® exam. Students will not be allowed to leave the test early. If conflicts are unavoidable, please contact Ms. Jackson ASAP to discuss the possibility of taking an AP® exam during the nationally set late test administration (May 23-25). An additional $45/exam late testing fee may be charged according to College Board guidelines.
  • Should you be scheduled to take two AP® exams at the same time, you will be approved (without a late fee) to take one of the exams during the late test administration (May 23-25). Please let Ms. Jackson know ASAP.


  • Students should report to morning exams by 7:45am and by 11:45am for afternoon exams.  Students who report after exam administration begins will not be admitted.  No exceptions.  Exams will take approximately four hours.
  • Specific room assignments will be shared a few days prior to testing. Seating will be randomly assigned.
  • Students must bring two #2 pencils, pens, erasers, and calculators (if applicable – see AP® Security Rules for approved types) with fresh batteries to the AP® test room. CELL PHONES, BACKPACKS, PURSES OR BAGS will not be accessible to you during the test, including during break times. We recommend that those are left in your locker or at home.
  • Students must adhere to the Test Site Regulations for the duration of the exam period. Failure to adhere to all regulations may result in removal from exam and cancellation of scores. For more information, please read the AP® Bulletin for Students and Parents (a paper copy will be distributed to students after spring break).


  • For more information, registration directions or assistance contact