Advanced Placement (AP®) Exams 2020
Information for Students and Parents of Coronado High School


  • Morning exam: ARRIVE at  7:30 am; administration begins PROMPTLY at 7:45 am
  • Afternoon exam: ARRIVE at 11:45 am; administration begins PROMPTLY at 12:00 pm

Exams should conclude at approximately 11:30 (morning session) and 3:30 (afternoon session).  Students must stay until the exam is concluded. YOU MUST ATTEND CLASS BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR EXAMS IF SCHOOL IS IN SESSION. PLEASE BRING YOUR LUNCH THE DAYS OF YOUR EXAMS.

LOCATION:  See Multi-Purpose Room for exam schedules and locations.

ABSENCES:  You are expected to be at all AP® exams for which you have paid your fees. If you are absent the day of an exam due to illness, please ensure that the office is notified BEFORE the exam begins and indicate if you would like a make-up exam ordered.

BEHAVIOR:  Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior during the exams. Failure to follow all school and AP® rules during the exam and during the break may result in dismissal from the testing site, invalidation of your exam, as well as being banned from other College Board exams such as the SAT® and the SAT® Subject exams. KEEP IN MIND THAT AP EXAMS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE COLLEGE BOARD (NOT CHS), AND ALL SUSPICIOUS AND INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR MUST BE REPORTED TO THE COLLEGE BOARD BY OUR PROCTORS.


  • PHOTO ID (Your Student ID)
  • Several #2 sharpened pencils with erasers.
  • Black or dark-blue ball point pens for free response
  • Calculators for Biology, Calculus AB, BC, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics examinations using the calculator guidelines at Students may bring 2 calculators, but are not allowed to share.
  • Ruler or straightedge ( for the Physics exams only)
  • A water bottle and/or snack for the break in CLEAR plastic bags, and with all labels removed.
  • Lunch in a CLEAR plastic bag and with all labels removed.
  • Optional –  a sweater or jacket in case of varying room temperatures.


  • Cell phone
  • Smart Watch
  • iPod
  • Any electronic device
  • Backpacks, purses, other personal items

The College Board has established stringent regulations regarding prohibited items (see list above). You may not bring, use, have on your person or in your possession any prohibited item during the testing period or during your break.

If you bring any of the prohibited items, the items will be taken from you before entering the exam room. They will be stored during the entire exam administration and returned to you after the exam.

If you use or have any prohibited item during the testing period or break, whether powered on or off, the item will be confiscated and you will be dismissed from the testing, risking the invalidation of your exam at the discretion of the College Board.


Students must remain in the exam room for the entire duration of the exam period. Students are not permitted to leave an exam room early, even if they have finished their exam. All students must remain seated and quiet until the end of the exam period.

Good luck!

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