Deadline to register: February 15, 2019 (11:59pm)

2019 Exam Calendar

Cost per exam: $94

Exam Day Check In

Students do no need an admission ticket, but CURRENT Government Issued Photo ID is required to enter the testing room.

Fee Reduction Policy

All students currently enrolled in free or reduced lunch will qualify for a fee reduction on AP® exams.

If you are currently enrolled in free or reduced lunch, please see Ms. McDonald (281-641-7537) for a discount code BEFORE you register online.  Without this code, the online registration system will require you to pay full price for your exam(s).  You must register before the closing of regular registration (February 15, 2019).  After this date, a late fee of $55 will be applied to each test.

All students that registered using the fee reduction code will be verified by APTS and Ms. McDonald.  If an unauthorized student registers with a discount code, that student will not have their AP® exam ordered until they pay the full price.  If the full price is not paid within the regular registration time period, the $55 late fee will be applicable.  Nonpayment of full test price before the close of registration will result in exam(s) not being ordered and the partially paid fees will not be refunded.  Only register with a discount code if you have been authorized by your counselor or Ms. McDonald.

Registration Error / Change

If a student inadvertently registers for the wrong test, they must contact APTS no later than March 1, 2019.  If a student registers for a wrong test, a fee may be applied to the correct test.  There will however, be an additional $15 fee to cover the cost of returning the wrong AP® exam.


There will be no refunds issued for AP® testing after February 28, 2019. A $17 fee will be deducted from the refund to cover the cost of returning the AP® exam.  To request a refund email and include in the email your name (student’s name), student ID number, name of your school, and the title of the exam you wish to cancel. Cancellation request must be received by February 28.

Alternate Testing: Students that miss their AP® test may qualify to take an alternate late exam.  Documentation will be required and will need to be submitted to your campus AP Coordinator. Alternate late testing is allowed by College Board under the following circumstances:

No Additional Fee Incurred for Late Testing Additional $45 Incurred for Late Testing
  • Conflict with state mandated test
  • Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm
  • Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy
  • Religious holiday/observance
  • School closing
  • Three or more AP® Exams on the same date
  • Two AP® Exams on the same date and time
  • Academic contest / event
  • Athletic contest / event
  • Family commitment
  • Ordering error
  • Other school event

Alternate late exams will be given on May 22-24, 2019 as per College Board.  For more information regarding alternate late testing, please contact APTS at

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