Can I change when I take the exam? 

Exam times are set by The College Board.  Note that AP® Exams must be taken only at the times established by The College Board. Click here for the 2019 Exam Calendar.

How do I register and pay for the 2019 AP® Exams?  

You must register for each AP® exam you intend to take.  The deadline for registering and paying is March 15, 2019 at midnight, EST. Late Registration is possible until April 11th for an additional fee of $55 per exam. To place your order, click here.

You will register for your AP® exams via this website for the full amount of all AP® exams you plan to take. All students must complete the online form.

Payment can be submitted online or mailed in. For accurate and timely processing of your order, do not submit registration forms to the AJA school staff.

Is there financial aid available for the 2019 AP® exams?

Fee reductions are available to students who are financially eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. For these students, the fee is $60 per AP® test.  In order to register and pay for AP® tests using a fee waiver, or to inquire about eligibility, please see Ms. Benski; if eligible, you will be given a “Fee Reduction Code”.  Once you receive your fee waiver code, you will be able to register on the APTS website for the reduced amount.  The deadline to obtain a fee waiver is March 8 by 3 PM. You must then register for your AP® exam(s) with APTS by the March 15 deadline.  No refunds are possible for fee reduction priced exams. If a student does not take the exam, a $20 (per exam) administration fee will be charged to the students’ AJA account.

What if I have an accommodation plan at AJA and/or receive extended time on exams? (Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.)

All students who have current accommodation plans at AJA have already been approved for the appropriate accommodations on their AP® exams.  Please contact Ms. Benski if you have any questions about testing accommodations or extended time for testing.

What if I have two AP® exams at the exact date and time?

College Board makes provisions for students who would like to register to take two exams that are scheduled at the EXACT date and time. Please see Ms. Benski immediately to get information on late testing locations and information. You will not be assessed a $45 late fee for exams offered at the exact date and time. Students who have exams back to back (one in the morning and one in the afternoon on the same date) are NOT eligible for late testing.


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